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Realigning Purpose and Capital: Introducing Entrepreneur Aligned

Realigning Purpose and Capital: Introducing Entrepreneur Aligned

Traditional wealth management advisors and firms miss the unique needs of entrepreneurs, which led Destiny Capital pros to create a wealth management and financial services experience designed specifically for entrepreneurs.

Combining a passion for serving entrepreneurs with a deep understanding of the principles of wealth management led to the creation of Entrepreneur Aligned, a pioneering firm. Entrepreneur Aligned was created specifically to deliver the specialized financial planning needed by entrepreneurs who have significant equity value in their business, which creates unique challenges.

“Entrepreneurs are the engine of our world,” Tiffany Charles, Chief Growth Officer. “They ideate, create, and innovate the ideas that inspire, transform and better their industries, and the world at large. They also have unique financial needs that are overlooked and underserved by traditional wealth managers.”

Entrepreneur Aligned provides the counsel to allow successful entrepreneurs to fully understand the tradeoffs financial decisions present while keeping an overall strategy on track with business equity at the center of that strategy. Whereas most financial planning for employees or independent contractors is based on saving enough of their earnings to meet specific goals, financial planning for business owners is about understanding what the strategy is both while they own their business and when it comes time for a business exit and how that impacts their financial goals.

“Success should feel satisfying,”Jarrod Musick, CEO. “Many entrepreneurs start their own venture seeking a degree of personal freedom impossible in a more traditional work environment, but frequently entrepreneurs end up captive to their own creation. We’re here to help them ensure that success does equal freedom, and the only way to do that is by tailoring investment directly to their unique needs.”

We guide clients through planning and investing based on the idea that consistent effort over time provides the best outcomes and that we need to build really good near-term financial strategies that allow clients to be consistent in their long term investment efforts.

About Entrepreneur Aligned

At Entrepreneur Aligned, we work with clients to help elevate the opportunities their business and success have provided. You will be empowered by a fresh outlook, equipped with new tools and strategies, and supported by a team whose interests are fully aligned with you, so that you may realize your highest potential and achieve the fulfillment you’ve been waiting for. Contact us today for more details.

Entrepreneur Aligned

Staff Writer

Posted: 11/17/2020

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