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Becoming a Client

Where freedom meets flexibility

Together, we’ll leverage your success and elevate your new stage of entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial journey is one of a kind. It’s a constant pull on your time and energy, and at some point, there is a realization that the success and freedom you envisioned are not scaling in unison and it's time to bring them into alignment.

That is why you are here.

You’re a risk-taker, a visionary one, and people like yourself don’t fall into the grind culture - they defeat it. With our tools and expertise, we can offer access to ideas you don't have on your bench. Together, we'll build off your success to position your time and capital in a way that helps you feel secure and excited for the road ahead.

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In our world, we call you Freedom Fighters

We do our best work with entrepreneurs who have achieved success in growing their business. They are leaders who strive to grow in all aspects of their lives and are open to new experiences, ideas, and tools that will help elevate their life and career.

Here are some key statistics

Annual Income


Concentrated investment in business equity

Net Worth


Values advice

A look into the journey of becoming a client

First, we start with an introduction call.

This video call is intended to serve two purposes. First, it’s an opportunity to learn about you, your family, your business, and what you are looking for from a financial team. Second, it gives you an opportunity to learn more about Entrepreneur Aligned and how we can best serve you. By the conclusion of our call, we will both be able to understand if this is the right fit. If you decide to move forward, our next step is to spend time diving deep into your values, goals, and financial structure. If not, no hard feelings. We are committed to being intentional and impactful in all our conversations.

ROI: Assess alignment and identify your next best step.

Time commitment: 30 minutes

Monetary commitment: None

Next, we spend meaningful time learning who you are and where you want to go.

This allows our team to work with you to ensure we have a clear understanding of your values and vision and understand what your definition of total financial independence looks like. We’ll explore how you're currently financially positioned and include a deep dive into assets, liabilities, entity structures, and more.

By the end, you will have a greater understanding of our collaboration and expertise to decide if you would like us to do a full analysis of your current position and provide you with our recommendations.

ROI: Architected core values and vision for your use.

Time commitment: 3-4 hours

Monetary commitment: None

This is where your time investment sees its full payoff.

We will walk you through a full assessment of how your current resources are working toward total financial independence, your timeline to get there, and what life looks like between now and then. We give specific recommendations on how to get the most out of what you are already doing, and how they integrate with your key professionals (like your CPA and attorney). If you choose, by the end you’ll sign an agreement to work together and start the Aligned Journey of bringing your vision to life.

ROI: Full analysis and customized recommendations

Time commitment - 1.5 hours

Monetary commitment - $2,500 (paid prior to this meeting)

Simple and Transparent Pricing

At Entrepreneur Aligned, we understand that profit is a core measurement of success, and that we must deliver value that far exceeds cost in order to continually earn your business.

Earning your trust and long-term collaboration is the ultimate reward.

We accomplish it by keeping your interests first in the advice we provide and the fees we receive. Our compensation doesn't change based on how your portfolio is allocated and we aren't compensated by anyone other than you because we are here to serve you!

Compensation Philosophy

  • Deliver massive value for entrepreneurs with complex financial lives.
  • Strive to eliminate economic conflict of interest.
  • Charge transparent fees based on the value we provide.
  • Net worth is a quality indicator of financial complexity.
  • A flat fee based on complexity best aligns our interest with yours.
  • Simple and easy to understand fees are the best.

Compensation Structure

A flat quarterly fee based on ranges of a client's net worth.

Net Worth

Quarterly Fee




Above $30M


Our fees will always be fully transparent and disclosed. There are no commissions or add-on investment fees. Our flat fee compensation structure is intentionally designed to reinforce that our recommendations stem from what we believe is best for you.


Have a question or simply want to talk through your vision? We’re here to help

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