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Becoming a Client

Your Success Should Be Satisfying!

At Entrepreneur Aligned, we work with clients to help elevate the opportunities their business and success have provided. We are a pioneering wealth management firm specifically designed to serve entrepreneurs. Our job is to help you make important decisions and align your business financial success with enduring personal wealth strategies so that you live a happy life all the way through.

Our passion is to bring your intentions and aspirations to life while giving your success greater significance.

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In our world, we call you Freedom Fighters

We do our best work with entrepreneurs who have achieved success in growing their business. They are leaders who strive to grow in all aspects of their lives and are open to new experiences, ideas, and tools that will help elevate their life and career.

Here are some key client statistics

Concentrated investment in business equity

Respect delegation

Ready for your next level of entrepreneurship

Values advice

A look into the journey of becoming a client

Get To Know And Explore - 30 Minute Introduction Call

It’s our goal that the time we share is always valuable to you and that you are equipped to take your next best step (with us or not) with more clarity, simplicity, and confidence.

  • Get to know you and your business.

  • Identify and understand what would improve your life, business, and finances.

  • Get to know us and how we can best serve you.

Realization - 1 Hour Meeting

  • Share what you want to accomplish in the world and what matters most to you.
  • Review personal and business financials.
  • Identify short-term and long-term opportunities to move the needle.
  • Meet your Entrepreneur Aligned team and learn how we can best work together.

Intention - Emailed Proposal

  • A written proposal much like a business plan that outlines goals, analysis, recommendations, services, and fees.
  • A full picture of how we will work together so that you can make a decision on engaging us as your team.

Take Action & Become A Client - Kickoff Meeting Detailing Your 90 Day Roadmap

  • Go over any engagement questions you may have.
  • Roadmap of service:
    • Understand how we are going to solve your greatest pain points first.
    • Future opportunities are identified with a priority plan.
    • Launch initial strategies in all the key areas (cash flow, tax, estate, business planning, etc...).

Download The Entrepreneur Aligned Pitch Deck For More Details

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Simple and Transparent Pricing

At Entrepreneur Aligned, we understand that profit is a core measurement of success, and that we must deliver value that far exceeds cost in order to continually earn your business.

Earning your trust and long-term collaboration is the ultimate reward.

We accomplish it by keeping your interests first in the advice we provide and the fees we receive. Our compensation doesn't change based on how your portfolio is allocated and we aren't compensated by anyone other than you because we are here to serve you!

Compensation Philosophy

  • Deliver massive value for entrepreneurs with complex financial lives.
  • Strive to eliminate economic conflict of interest.
  • Charge transparent fees based on the value we provide.
  • Net worth is a quality indicator of financial complexity.
  • A flat fee based on complexity best aligns our interest with yours.
  • Simple and easy to understand fees are the best.

Compensation Structure

A flat quarterly fee based on ranges of a client's net worth.

Net Worth

Quarterly Fee




Above $30M


Our fees will always be fully transparent and disclosed. There are no commissions or add-on investment fees. Our flat fee compensation structure is intentionally designed to reinforce that our recommendations stem from what we believe is best for you.


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