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At Entrepreneur Aligned, we work with clients to help elevate the opportunities their business and success have provided. We are a pioneering wealth management firm specifically designed to serve entrepreneurs. Our job is to help you make important decisions and align your business financial success with enduring personal wealth strategies so that you live a happy life all the way through.

Our passion is to bring your intentions and aspirations to life while giving your success greater significance.


We teach entrepreneurs how to take their business financial success and turn it into a life of true wealth.

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Personal Wealth

Clarity on what matters most to you and a financial roadmap to where you want to be.

  • What are your personal and family principles?

  • What are you trying to accomplish in the world and how do you want to spend your time?

  • How much capital do you actually need and when do you need it?

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Business Wealth

Maximize the benefit your equity and business create for you.

• What are you trying to accomplish with your business?
• Are you in the seat you envisioned?
• Do you have the strategies and structure to maximize the benefits your business provides?
• How do you harness the compounding of your business?

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Happiness is about removing friction in your life so that you can do what you have always known you were meant to do.

Focusing on your own personal happiness is not selfish. Your intentional attainment of happiness allows you to profoundly impact the world.


Have a question or simply want to talk through your vision? We’re here to help.

What Is It Like Working With Us?

We Will Help You:

Client Centric Advice
The advice you follow should be grounded with your best interest at the forefront, and then supported by deep knowledge and experience. Aligning our success with your success is the only way it should be.

We're Invested In You
We are focused on helping you experience a new level of entrepreneurship and happiness: one where your business and financial success translate into enduring personal wealth, and both your business and personal wealth are resources that serve you in meaningful ways.

A Better Way
We are done with "luck", as traditionally defined, being a reason entrepreneurs are able to translate their business success to personal wealth. We are done with the engines to our world feeling alone and captive to their creation. We are done with the dissatisfaction rates associated with business exits. We are done with your access to financial planning being tied to how much you are willing to invest in the public market. There is a better way! As Seneca said “Luck is where preparedness meets opportunity” and that is what we are here to do for you.

Define a clear vision, plan and path to satisfying success.

Turn business financial success into enduring personal wealth.

Build and manage a personal board of advisors.

Coordinate and delegate the tasks and responsibilities that accompany your financial life.

Strategies that are designed to accelerate, optimize, and secure wealth creation (equity, taxes, cash flow, leverage, investments, etc...)

Make holistic and informed decisions with big opportunities, shifts and events that occur in your life and in your business.

Connect with an entrepreneurial community that embraces high-performance happiness.

Recapture your greatest resource: your time and the freedom to enjoy it.


A Look Into The Journey Of Becoming A Client

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Entrepreneur Aligned delivers the specialized financial planning needed by entrepreneurs who have significant equity value in their business, which creates unique challenges. We guide clients through planning and investing based on the idea that consistent effort over time provides the best outcomes and that we need to build solid near-term financial strategies that allow clients to be consistent in their long term investment efforts.



Clarify your core principles, the impact you want to make on the world, and how you want to spend your time. This work becomes our guiding light in the work we are doing and evolves as we go.



Think of this phase as your business plan. We curate an initial executive summary, assessing and analyzing your current position and dive into your key advising relationships. From there, we strategize – setting standards of what success means to you now and where you’re looking to go.



Next, we turn your plan into action. We start by solving your greatest pain points and ideating your future opportunities, then launch initial strategies in all the key areas. We work hard to ensure that the time we ask of you is centered on the next-best-step.



Here, our partnership bears the greatest fruit. For years ahead, you’ll have a skilled team to actively monitor and manage your goals and financial structure, lead your personal board of advisors, and align the compound interest of your business success with enduring personal wealth. We’ll provide you with ideas and recommendations so that your plan is living and growing with you, and adapt when challenges or new opportunities arise.

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You have the vision, we have the tools. Are you ready to take hold of more freedom and fulfillment in your life?

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