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Frequently Asked Questions

Investment Philosophy

Q: What is your investment philosophy?

A: We coordinate all your assets including cash, real estate, business equity, and investments into your strategy. We base our decision making on our principles of investing which remain constant over time while allowing the specific tactics used to adapt as the world changes. We invest based on the idea that consistent effort over time provides the best outcomes and that we need to build really good near-term financial strategies that allow clients to be consistent in their long term investment efforts.

Q: How do you build investment portfolios?

A: We use a data driven process that begins by first, annually reviewing the expected returns and volatility for all asset types such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and other private investments. We further segment this analysis by market segment of each asset type, so for example large US companies versus small emerging market companies. We then review the available investment tools that provide access to these asset classes. We review them based on liquidity, access, and cost factors and then add an additional screen based on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) risk factors. Finally we build baseline portfolios that meet common objectives and risk tolerances of clients. So for instance, we build a short-term stable value portfolio that is intended to be used for money that will be needed for a specific purpose in the next 6-12 months. Our baseline portfolios are diverse and give our team tools to meet all client objectives from short term risk-averse to long term and risk-tolerant.

Q: Do you use public investments or private investments?

A: When we are managing portions of your investments directly we primarily use public market strategies. We use public market strategies because they are liquid, cost efficient, and have good data on the ESG investing criteria that we utilize.

What Don’t We Do

Q: What isn’t included in working with Entrepreneur Aligned?

A: We work with external partners for tax compliance and planning, estate planning, and any business exit transactions. We coordinate your personal financial structure with these partners but their costs are not included in your fee from Entrepreneur Aligned.

Q: Do you do lending or insurance?

A: No, we can coordinate your lending and insurance coverage needs but we do not originate either area.

Q: Do you do tactical investment strategies like market timing or individual stock selection?

A: No, if you have high conviction about a specific concentrated investment we can execute the activity but stock picking and market timing are not part of what we do best. These short-term strategies can create periods of outperformance but are very difficult to execute well over the long term for anyone.

What Outcomes Do We Create

Q: What will I get out of working with Entrepreneur Aligned?

A: The tools and team to help you live a more satisfying life. We give you the counsel to understand the tradeoffs your financial decisions present and our team keeps your strategy on track, with your business equity value at the center of that strategy.

Getting Started

Q: How do we get started?

A: A 30 minute video call with our team to answer your questions and help set the foundation for our work together.

Q: How much time does it take to get started?

A: We need your attention for three meetings to begin our work together.

Introduction meeting - 30 minute video call
Discovery meeting - 2 hour video call or in-person meeting, to get clear on goals and needs
Recommendation meeting - 60 minute video call or in-person meeting

Most of our data gathering and coordination can be conducted as time allows using email and secure file transfer. We also have you authorize information sharing with your CPA, estate planning attorney, and internal finance lead at your business so that we can coordinate the majority of our work with them without your intervention.

Q: Do I get to see your proposed strategy before committing to a fee?

A: Yes and No, we charge a $2,500 fee after our Discovery meeting to ensure that you are committed to providing good information and investing your time in the development of our recommendations. You will not be charged the first quarter fee until you approve an implementation scope of work based on our recommendations.

Minimums and Fees

Q: Do you have fee or asset minimums?

A: Yes, we charge a minimum quarterly fee of $7,500 or for clients who prefer to pay as an asset management fee we have a minimum of $2,000,000 of assets under management.

Q: I want to work together but the minimums are too high for me, how can we work together?

A: We provide a number of resources to help business owners who aren’t ready for the depth and breadth of our services. Subscribe to our podcast where we cover the same areas of focus each month that we are covering with our clients. Subscribe to our email list where you will get our newsletter and blog articles. Sign up for our waitlist for our community which will be launching in 2021.

What is Financial Planning for Business Owners

Q: What is financial planning for business owners?

A: Financial planning for business owners is personal planning with the private business equity at the center of the strategy. For most employees or independent contractors financial planning is based on saving enough of their earnings to reach specific goals. Financial planning for business owners is about understanding what the strategy is for the ultimate business exit, whether that is an internal succession or external sale, and how that impacts their goals. The core components of financial modeling, risk management, and investing are still present, but the core problem faced by business owners is far different.

Why Specialize in Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs

Q: Why does Entrepreneur Aligned specialize in financial planning for Entrepreneurs?

A: Entrepreneur Aligned was created specifically to deliver the specialized financial planning needed by entrepreneurs who have significant equity value in their business and face unique challenges. Entrepreneurs move the world forward by innovating, employing, and creating the future. Entrepreneur Aligned is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs live more satisfying lives by ensuring that their financial structure supports what matters most to them. We know that if entrepreneurs are better able to achieve their personal financial goals, they are better able to build the future that we all benefit from.